Have you ever played a piece which calls for 6-note chords on the 4-stringed zhongruan?
Have you been unable to hear a distinct melody line in your orchestra?
Or have you been bored hearing the sheng play the same chords that don't click on every other piece?

That's where I want to help you! Engaging my understanding of the characteristics of various instruments,
I aim to produce musically thought-out compositions and arrangements that please the ear, brain and heart.
(Not all of the 'Learn More' pages are ready, but stay tuned!)




Oriental Winds (2017)
Approx. Length - 11'00

For symphony orchestra and solo bansuri, Suling and xiao

Oriental Winds is an evocative and cathartic work for symphony orchestra and 3 solo ethnic flutes - the Indian bansuri, Malay suling, and Chinese xiao. The various motifs in this piece were inspired by the ethnic groups, while the frequent use of quintal harmonies were intended to portray tranquility and being free from attachment (one can say, to functional harmony), free like the wind. Impressionist concepts and orchestration techniques also influenced the creation of the piece.



《梭罗河之呼唤》 The Cry of Solo River (2017 - 2018)
[to be featured at the singapore chinese orchestra composer workshop 2018]
Approx. Length - 10'00 (Full version) / 5’00 (short version)

for chinese orchestra

The Cry of Solo River is a rhapsodic sketch of the scenes, lives and culture along the Solo River (also known as Bengawan Solo), the longest river in the Indonesian island of Java. The piece depicts the mysterious sense of beauty and source of life along the river, inspired by the many discoveries of early hominid remains made at several sites in its valleys. An altered phrase of the folk song Bengawan Solo is used as a recurring theme, and compositional devices based around concepts of impressionism and gamelan are employed.


HH sakura cropped.png

《隐藏的英雄》 Hidden Heroes (2017)
Approx. Length - 5’00

For chinese orchestra, or solo erhu with chinese orchestra

Inspired by the journey of my friend, Singaporean visually-impaired erhu soloist Stephanie Ow; dedicated to her, Very Special Arts and its 2017 concert, 'Welcome to My World - A Concert by People with Disabilities'. Hidden Heroes features a majestic, sweeping main theme that brings out the power of the orchestra, as well as emotional melodies that reach out to hopes and dreams.


Caprice cropped.png

交响音画《然界畅想》 Symphonic Portrait: Caprice of Nature (2015 - 2016)
Approx. Length - 8'30

for chinese orchestra or chinese chamber ensemble

Mother Nature - ever so enigmatic and dynamic, frightening and beautiful. Irregular time signature changes, pulsing rhythms, a vast and mysterious passage, and an epic concluding grand ode to nature feature in this symphonic portrait. Uncommon instruments such as the rain stick, thunder drum and thunder sheet complete the immersive experience. A definite showstopper.

Click for Video (2015 ensemble version) 


Caprice cropped.png

Caprice of Nature (2014)
[First place (Singapore) at the International Composition Competition ‘Maurice Ravel’ 2015]
Approx. Length - 5’15

for string orchestra

‘Caprice of Nature’ depicts the multiple facades of Mother Nature, who is ever so enigmatic and dynamic. The short opening passage speaks of the mystery behind nature. Without warning, the forces of nature sweep all into the allegro passage, where the main theme is introduced. Irregular and changing time signatures throughout portray the erratic, unpredictable behaviour of nature. The coda recapitulates the main theme, but this time as a stately procession with a steady 2/2 time signature, illustrating the reverence of mankind for nature's creation and destruction.

Click for MIDI Demo


harbinger cropped.png

交响音诗《兆》 Symphonic Poem: The Harbinger (2013 - 2014)
Approx. Length - 7'30

for chinese orchestra

Written in the style of a symphonic epic, The Harbinger sketches impressions of a post-apocalyptic future and the signs which foreshadow it. Portents and presages abound, with the recurring motif of the Harbinger guiding us to our realization of uncertainty.

Click for Video



庆友情与生命:《十一月之序曲》 In Celebration of Friendship and Life: November's Overture (2011, revised 2017)
Approx. Length - 4'40

for chinese orchestra

A journey through the ups and downs in life, through celebrations, through reflections, through memories. This concert overture features a lyrical and touching main theme as well as fun, light-hearted moments, before concluding with a vibrant celebration. An overture written for friends, and the overture for life and new beginnings!

Click for Video (2011 version)





pipa c.png

《新 | 琵琶语》 NEO | PIPA VOICES (2017)
Adapted from the theme of《琵琶语》Pipa Voices by 林海 Lin Hai
Approx. Length - 6’20 (or 5'00, skipping optional repeat)

For Chinese Orchestra
Also available for chinese plucked strings ensemble (弹拨乐团) or ruan trio (gaoyin ruan, zhongruan, daruan) and guzheng

New age zen, passion and action - all in one package!?《琵琶语》Pipa Voices is a recent popular instrumental by film composer Lin Hai (used as opening and closing theme of the 2004 movie《一个陌生女人的来信》Letter from an Unknown Woman). This adaptation takes the original zen feel, but slowly morphs it into a passionate tutti moment, and eventually evolving into a high-energy, epic rendition, like a heroic war movie theme.



巴萨诺瓦《彩云追月》 Qing Dynasty Bossa Nova: Colourful Winds Chasing Clouds (2017)
Adapted from《彩云追月》
Approx. Length - 4'30

for Chinese Plucked Strings ensemble (弹拨乐团)
also Available for ruan trio (gaoyin ruan, zhongruan, daruan) and guzheng
other formats available upon order

Hailing from old Cantonese folk scores collections of the Qing dynasty, our “Colourful Winds” here chase the clouds all the way to Brazil and take on a new, lighthearted and groovy persona. This is a beautiful collision of 2 music styles, possibly hundreds of years apart, for you to serenade the audience any evening.


snow c.png

《梅亭雪》 Snow of Plum Pavilion (2016)
Adapted from the traditional teochew opera of the same name
Approx. Length - 11'00

For Chinese chamber ensemble

In this adaptation of the popular Teochew opera, the original Teochew flavor is preserved while a more symphonic approach in the writing intensifies the different moods across the story, allowing listeners to enjoy this classic in a new way that is palatable for modern aesthetics. As seen and heard at Ding Yi Music Company's production, “Time for Opera!”.


ringtones c.png

《铃笙•响起》 A Ringtone Medley (2016)
In collaboration with ling xiao jin
Approx. Length - 3'30

sample: for dizi, gaoyin sheng, zhongruan, piano, erhu and cello

Featuring 13 ringtones from our everyday life in one remix! How can we turn short, repetitive ringtones into a piece of music? From the classic Nokia tune to iPhone sounds, spot them all and hear them in new ways you never imagined!


christmas c.png

Christmas creatures (2015)
adapted from themes by Walter E. Rollins, Steve Nelson, Johnny Marks and Franz Schubert
Approx. Length - 3'10

For chinese chamber ensemble or orchestra

You better watch out! Look who’s here to play... Frosty, Rudolph, and...oh my! The Erlking! Features dark twists and exciting fun on Christmas classics.


aranjuez c.png

Concierto de Aranjuez (2017)
Adapted from Joaquín Rodrigo’s concerto for guitar and orchestra
Approx. Length - 6'15

for Chinese Plucked Strings ensemble (弹拨乐团)
also Available for ruan Ensemble
other formats available upon order

Adaptation of the first two movements of the classic guitar concerto “Concierto de Aranjuez”, re-imagined for Chinese plucked-string instruments for a vibrant oriental touch.





dragon cropped.png

Suite from “How to Train Your Dragon” (2017)
original music by john powell
Approx. Length - 5'10

for Chinese Orchestra

Fill the concert hall and all hearts with exciting and moving music from the DreamWorks movie, How to Train Your Dragon! Chinese instruments will feel right at home in the Irish and Celtic-influenced music, drawing out the flavors in an all-new way. The audience and musicians alike are sure to be riding not only dragons, but emotions as well, as the suite takes you on a journey of adventure and love. (The movie How to Train Your Dragon 3 is to be released on March 1, 2019, you'll be just in time for the hype)



林俊杰组曲:《不为谁可惜》 JJ Lin Medley: If Only Twilight (2017)
original music by jJ Lin | co-arranger: Estee Goh
Approx. Length - 4'40

for Chinese Orchestra

Two of Singaporean pop star JJ Lin’s self-penned songs, which are favorites among fans from all over the world! A sentimental《不为谁而作的歌》(Twilight) crescendos into a pumping《可惜没如果》(If Only), before the iconic bridge of Twilight finally brings the arrangement to a culminating point where both songs come together (still a better love story than Twilight). The zhongruan, dizi, cello and suona get featured in little solos.


liangliang c.png

《凉凉》 Liang Liang (Chilly) (2017)
As sung by 张碧晨Zhang Bichen & 杨宗纬 Aska Yang | original music by 谭旋 Tan Xuan
Approx. Length - 4'15

for Chinese Plucked Strings ensemble (弹拨乐团)
also Available for ruan trio (gaoyin ruan, zhongruan, daruan) and guzheng
other formats available upon order

Almost everyone who doesn’t live in a chilly cave will know this song from the hit TV series,《三生三世十里桃花》(Eternal Love). This arrangement allows all instruments to have their moments to sing, and you will certainly love the cool guzheng part during choruses, especially if you want to show off some fast plucking technique.


beauty beast cropped.png

Beauty and the beast (2017)
as heard in the movie | original music by alan menken
Approx. Length - 3'30

sample: for dizi, gaoyin sheng, zhonghu and piano
Click for video!

Whichever era you come from, you must have been deeply moved by the classic 1991 movie or the 2017 live-action film (or, if you're like me, the stage musical too!). Channel your inner Emma Watson or Paige O'Hara, and relive the romantic fairy tale of compassion, redemption and a strong, intelligent and independent heroine! 


miss c.png

《好想你》 I MiSS U (2017)
as sung by 四叶草 Joyce Chu | original music by Namewee
Approx. Length - 3'40

for Chinese Orchestra
Click for video!

A really cute and sweet little song, this arrangement packs a new punch by using the forces of the Chinese orchestra and is a complete revamp of the acoustic feel of the original song. Watch out for interesting bits of musical cameo appearances, including Pachelbel’s Canon in D, 五月天’s (Mayday)《突然好想你》, and a jazz bridge. Challenge: get the audience to post pictures of your concert on social media and hashtag #IMissYou____(your orchestra name) / #好想你____(your orchestra name) after the performance! An item to create a memorable concert! 


nxndxxy c.png

《那些年的小幸运》 A Little Happiness of Those Years (2017)
as sung by 田馥甄 Hebe & 胡夏 Hu Xia | original music by JerryC & Mitsutoshi Kimura
Approx. Length - 4'40

for Chinese Orchestra
Click for video!

A mash-up of two popular themes from the Taiwanese romance movies《我的少女時代》(Our Times) and《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》(You Are the Apple of My Eye). Highlights include a reminiscent gaohu solo; the innocence of youth portrayed by the plucked strings; a beautiful, shimmering chorus in an oriental counterpoint; and the two songs weaving in and out of each other, eventually coming together as though all our life narratives are connected. Perfect item for your orchestra to highlight the colours of each section in a Chinese orchestra and how they blend together, and for bringing everyone back to experience the sweet love of our youth.



Santa Claus is Coming to Town (2015)
Original music by J. Fred Coots
Approx. Length - 3'00

For chinese chamber ensemble or orchestra

Santa's swingin' by this Christmas with this swing arrangement of the popular 1934 Christmas classic.