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Check out some of my past works as a media composer across different genres and mediums. You may scroll along, or click one of the buttons here to check out works for a specific medium. Feel free to use ctrl/cmd+f to find a specific genre you may be looking for (e.g. “action”, “drama”, etc)!

If you would like a taste of my works for less than the duration of an average song, do check out my showreel!



Director: Shoki Lin

“How do you challenge the ordinary? Where do you start? How do you cut through the noise, stand out in a sea of people, and make your mark?"

Click the video to check it out! A short inspiring piece composed for the 2018 commercial of Kafnu, an urban village for the new generation of creators.

Scored for strings, solo violin, solo cello, guitars, marimbas, taiko drums and drum kit.


ADAM poster


Genre: Drama
Director: Shoki Lin

Selection Cinéfondation, 72nd Cannes Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival 2019
Tirana International Film Festival 2019
Asiana International Short Film Festival 2019

Nominated - Best Original Music, National Youth Film Awards 2019

Tired of his turbulent family life, Adam seeks out an alternative arrangement in hopes of finding his place.

Score Type: Minimalist


Genre: Action | Sci-Fi | Comedy
Director: Alistair Quak

Nominated - Best Original Music, National Youth Film Awards 2019

In a dystopian, totalitarian state, we follow Sergeant Major Lam, as he oversees his troops on a mission to take down a rebel building. As the film unravels, we explore the true extents of his relationship between work life and family… Oh and also, a heck of a lot of intense violent action.

Score Type: Electronic-Orchestral Hybrid

Progress poster

Bodhi poster

Bodhi 菩提

Genre: Drama
Director: Png Zhen Yu

Winner - Best Original Music, National Youth Film Awards 2019

A mum begins to cast doubts on her faith and struggles to choose between her faith and her only son, as he prepares to embark on a new journey as a monastic.

Score Type: Zen | Chinese

Chasing Paper 临考

Genre: Drama
Director: Shoki Lin

23rd Busan International Film Festival, Asian Short Film Competition
2018 Camerimage, Student Etudes Panorama
2018 Tirana International Film Festival Selection

A mother struggles with her moral boundaries while trying to salvage her broken relationship with her daughter.

Score Type: Minimalist

Chasing Paper poster.jpg



Hair poster

Hair 髮

Genre: Stop Motion Animation | Drama
Producers: Caroline Ching, Ng Zhi Xin

A stop motion animation about a little girl who falls into a world of anxiety after her father leaves the family, and how her mother rescues her and helps her overcome her problems with her love.

Score Type: Orchestral | Chinese


Genre: Animation | Family | Comedy
Director: Stuart James Lee

HomeGrown is a story about love, and familial care. It follows the journey of an old man and a terrapin who meet by chance and find a family in each other. With time however, they discover that all things must grow and come to an end.

Score Type: Light Orchestral | Chinese

HomeGrown rendertestSample3.png