I write for a range of mediums including chamber ensembles, guitar orchestra, the symphony orchestra, and electronics. Most importantly, I dedicate a major part of my life writing for the Chinese orchestra, exploring all its colourful nuances and building a repertoire of new compositions and arrangements for this art form.

A born-and-bred Singaporean, my first contact with properly learning an instrument was when I started playing the ruan in secondary school (Victoria School). Since then, I have had more than 10 years of experience in Chinese instruments and ensembles, including being in the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra, working with musicians from the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, as well as clinching the First Prize at the National Chinese Music Competition 2014 with the Ding Yi Youth Ensemble. To further promote the Chinese orchestra and explore new ideas for it, I co-founded the Victoria Chinese Orchestra where I now conduct.

Despite focusing my studies on the sciences in my formative years, my heart was drawn to music in the end. I was accepted into the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music on full scholarship, and am professionally trained in the areas of orchestration, instrumentation, harmony, jazz, music of various cultures, and production, among others.

I frequently work with musicians from around the world, including having travelled to Taiwan, Laos, and Myanmar for various music festivals as both an instrumentalist and a conductor. Such experiences have played a major role in broadening my palette as a composer.

From my training as a recording engineer and producer, I understand how music and the mind work together in people, and I hope to translate that in my works.